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LOL - Il Libro di Conoscenza
Our spirits die when we cease to learn
The LOL was in response to some of the stuff I have read today on this funny little spot on the internet known as livejournal.

I have more mid-terms to study for. The France class' midterm is coming up and it would be lovely if I could score an A on it. (though my brain is leaking out of my head do to these meds so we will see.
I did some relaxing stuff last night, I went off with Kyle, had some good (excellent) Cuban food, played some WOW (If I don't finish Thrallmar rep to get the Warbringinger and completely forget the fact that the Suneater just refuses to drop for me I am going to go loopy...wait I already am)and ran some instances with the guildies, they are badass people.
I watched the last episode of TrueBlood that came on, my proclivity to love everything vampiric is still strong in my old age :)

If I am feeling up for it I am going to go to the Obama for President office here in WR and get a yard sign, I want a yard sign. The stability of my government and country are important to me....and I am a politics nerd.

My head hurts, I am going to go lay down.
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