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And more Stuff... - Il Libro di Conoscenza
Our spirits die when we cease to learn
And more Stuff...
My ITunes is having a moment. I do not like it when my ITunes has a moment because supsequently I have a moment...
I just would like to add some other songs onto my ipod...but NOOO...anyway, adam shall fix it.
I have some sort of nostalgic need for some older songs from the 90s (back in my youth). I DLed them, I purchased them rightfully off of ITunes and yet my ipod is saying I think not ma'am.
Sadly, I have to work at 8am. I do not want to work at 8am, I hate working at 8 am...it is stupid.
MBN is tomorrow night, which should be fun...nice things planned...few "halloween" plots and such.

I should be studying, but I needed just some time to myself...without my nose in a book, this shall resume on Sunday night.
I will study and study and study some more.

I do not feel ill from my meds tonight!
This is a blessed event.

I wish I had time to read for fun right now but I dont...which is unfortunate. I have seen a few books I would like to read, but I have like 6 textbooks, all which require my attention and I want to make all As this semester...
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