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Il Libro di Conoscenza
Our spirits die when we cease to learn
What would you change about your country if you could be in charge for a day?

The concept of loaded question isn't enough here...
I would change the fact that people who are poor suffer without medical coverage or the hope of gaining an education. I would change how two schools in one school district look so drastically different that children within 10 miles of each other get completely different educations. I would allow men and women of any sexual orientation have the ability to legally be together and call it whatever they want. I would take the idea of "Freedom of religion" and actually allow that to be possible.


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I have had two credible sources now say Clone Wars is worth the watch, so I will probably see it. I don't have any pre-conceived notions beyond that it was made as a children's film and should be looked at it that way on most levels so I am not going to get upset if it has kiddy moments. Kids love Star Wars and while there are deeper themes and plots in the flims that go beyond children, there has always been something for that audience in each film....maybe not so much in Empire Strikes Back...maybe why that one is my favorite.

I saw Tropic Thunder with Kyle, Adam, David and his cousin and brother (WOOT DAVID VISITED!!!!!) I was surprised at how much I liked the movie, it was so funny...a really good comedy that was horrible and funny and well done...I liked it.
Me and David at Movies
Notice the black hoodies in Summer...see I have a hoodie pal who wears them like I do...we are representing!!

Beyond that Saturday and the weekend was pretty quiet. I go back to work today after a week off, it has been nice, but we all have to go back sometimes.
School Starts Tuesday, I am stoked. I am ready to stetch my brain some more.

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Tomorrow (well technically today) is my last day of vacation. A friend is visiting, so we are going to go have lunch with him and I want to relax one last day before work and the semester stars. I was sent a notice today that the French course I had signed up for was canceled. This annoys me more than I can articulate. I want to get the course over soon so I wont forget what I have already learned from French 1. It is an annoyance....
Now I have to debate weather to take a filler class or just go for 4 classes this semester. I do not know what I am going to do as of yet, I have emailed my adviser and asked him his opinion on the subject...I will await a response before making a decision.
I probably need to head to bed soon because we are going off fairly early tomorrow, but I am being slow about it.
I am slightly tired.

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Hemingway was once challenged to write a story in only six words. His response? “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” He is believed to have called it his greatest literary work ever. Can you write a story in six words?

The concrete slammed into her face.


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I just got home from the Atlanta NIN show. The show was amazing, they played some more obscure songs that I really love...
They played Reptile which made me giddy and In this Twilight...
Wish, March of the Pigs....so many songs.
It was amazing and we had great seats.


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I did not sleep well last night. I usually do, but last night the rain kept me awake, any noise woke me, and I actually had a nightmare that woke me so fast that I was wide awake for at least an hour. So, I was up before 9 AM and I am trying to kind of relax because I have a busy day.
Today is the NIN concert, I am so excited, I love NIN and I really enjoy seeing them live...this will be my 3rd Concert.


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All my running about lately has perpetuated some new pics so I am posting them :)
I went to Atlanta to see "The Color Purple" and had a get together at Rivalries for Brian before he saunters off to Greneda again so I will post those and maybe a few more.

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Thats it for now...I am sure I will have more after the NIN concert this week and some other things going on!!!

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I have had a lovely week all together. Adam and I have spent some time together which is nice, he got his uber hi def TV in so he is excited. Work has been mostly pleasant and I only work tomorrow and Sunday and then I have like 4 days off. I have been taking it easy while on break from school and doing some fun stuff. Went and saw X Files with Stephen and Crhisti earlier this week and that was awesome. Also, went out to Rivalries with a group the other night and it was loads of fun.
Relaxation, I needed it.
I am glad I have such great friends.
My husband is completely awesome and makes me very happy.

Life is Calm and Good.
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Miranda, Shirley, and I went to the Atlanta to see "The Color Purple" at the Fox. It was a lot of fun and we enjoyed ourself. The play was pretty good and entertaining. After the play we went and ate at Cafe Intermezzo which is still my favorite place in Atlanta.
We are staying overnight in Buckhead in the Courtyard Marriott in a posh two room suite.

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The apathy felt by so many over the suffering of others disgusts me.
People suffer and no one is either brave enough to leave their safe place to help or they just truly dont care as the world crumbles around them...until the crumbling lands on them...THEN they scream to all the stars above for immediate action.
The corruption levels inside the government are so blatant that we have a president pardoning himself for things he "may" be accused of and financial systems who have made so much money on balloon mortgages forced on the naive that the dollar is worth complete shit.

I am tired of the ignorance, prejudice, hate, and apapthy around here...
Its embarassing.

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I made all As during Summer Semester!
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I live in one of the most racist and judgmental areas on earth I think. Sometimes I just want to find these people and slap them repeatedly until they will know their behavior is unacceptable. The biggest problem with Middle Georgia is the overwhelming amount of closet racists.
They say "punks" and "thugs" but they mean black.
They say crime has risen in an area, but in truth they dont like the area because it is not majority white.
I can only take so much until I just have to say something...tell them that everyone knows what they really mean and while their cronies look at them like it is ok, a newer and more intelligent generation watches them with shock and disgust.
Too many people of my generation dont say anything.
They take it, complain on the side and never make any changes.

I want to see change in my area...I want to see progress, we are 20 years behind and people like me are outcasts.

its sick.

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A day without responsibility is amazing. I feel overwhelmingly liberated. I am also quite confident in a 4.0 for the summer. If it weren't for Adam..yea.
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I am on break at work. I have started going to the little chicken place down the road to just have half an hour of me time. I am done (yay) with finals!!!
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Testing my lj text posts
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Tell the Patriot Act to pay attention to our Founding Fathers a bit...
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My husband showing me stuff like "Drunk history" gives me faith in humanity.
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A ten page paper on vampires later and I am still alive...though a bit bruised by tons of reading, a headache and a need to do something relaxing.

One paper and a final to go.

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I have completed one of my three papers on time as I wanted at least one done by the time I went to bed tonight. I have to work the horrific 7 AM - 2:30 PM shift tomorrow at work and then when I return home... another paper to write, but I did make progress and one African History project is done.
(sigh of relief)

I actually liked how the paper came out and David...it is a lot longer than your suggested sentence... ;)

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I feel really isolated from friends right now. Some of them really miss me and some I dont think care at all...
That sucks balls and hurts a little.

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This is how i entertain myself while studying and writing papers...blogging.

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Class is almost out for summer semester. This one has been a bit rough but I have made it in one peice.
I have finals basically this week and next as I rush to write...

A paper on how fiction can help tell the story of history in Africa

If colonialism is the base cause for modern Africans problems and prove it

An interpretation of Vampires as monsters and how they have evolved since Stoker to modern day

and a final... a test with essay questions, quotes, the works...

all due Tuesday save the colonialism paper which is due wednesday by 3.

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I think things are getting better at work.
The news in Macon is shit, I need real news.
I have to read a novel before 11:20
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I do not get out much anymore besides engagements that I am scheduled to do like school, work, the gaming club...a few hours here and there with friends.
Adam took me to see Hellboy II though, and I am delighted with it.
Made me smile.
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I am unhappy right now. I don't really like my job, it is causing so many problems with school and my home life that it is really not worth it. I feel like after 8 years of hard work a place that I am being punished because my store closed.
I am a good employee, I work hard, but all I get is bad schedules and just a hard time. I love most of the people, most of them are so nice and fun to work with, but the stress is really hard and worse than when I managed.
School is too important to let this one place get in the way and I may have to just quit my employment. I could go part time, but if I am going to be given a hard time about my schedule then why work in such a negative environment. I may talk to some people I know and see if they can give me some advice.

I used to really like my job.
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1. What movie have you seen the most time in the theater? How many times?
You will laugh, but it was Legends of the Fall, when I was younger, I loved Brad Pitt. In that movie also, Anthony Hopkins is the man.

2. What was the last movie you walked out of in the theater?

3. What is the first movie you remember seeing in a theater?
ET in a Drivein. I saw much earlier films but I dont recall them.

4. What is your favorite movie soundtrack?
The Crow

5. Have you ever dressed up as a movie character for Halloween? If so, who?
Princess Lea, Mina from Dracula, Hermione

6. What was the first R-rated movie you ever saw? Were you allowed or did you sneak?
wow I cannot remember.

7. Star Wars (orig. trilogy) or Lord of the Rings?
Star Wars...see #5.

8. Pacino or DeNiro?
DeNiro, he is versitile.

9. Titanic...did it suck or was it great?
I admit it, I liked it.

10. What's your take on Cassavetes?
John or Nick???

11. Favorite John Hughes character?
Ferris Bueller

12. What movie gives you a boner (or makes you tingle)?
Interview with the Vampire

12. Movie that makes you cry?
Schindler's List

14. What's the furthest you've ever gotten in a movie theater? (i.e, second base...)

15. Speaking of sports metaphors, what's your favorite sports movie?
Jerry Mcquire

16. (a) Favorite... teen movie?
10 Things I Hate About You

(b)...Quentin Tarantino movie?
Reservoir Dogs

(c)...Bill Murray movie?
Royal Tannenbaums

(d)...romantic comedy?
lol dont hate me... French Kiss (i love this movie) Love Actually for a bit more serious tones

(e)...gangster movie?

(f)...horror movie?
Dracula (Coppola version)

(g)...made for TV movie?
Elizabeth I (HBO)

I love Martin Scorsese

(i)...drug movie?
Trainspotting which was an amazing film.

17. What movie have you seen already but will never, ever, ever watch again?
Pay it Forward

18. What movie are you embarrassed to really like?
I love the Punisher movie,I cant help it.

19. What movie should be made asap?
I dont like remakes.

20. What the F happened to (insert answer)? He used to be so damn funny!
Baltazar Ghetty

21. For the love of everything that's sacred, please someone stop (insert answer) from making another movie!

Those scary movie people...

22. What movie do all your friends love but you think is whatevs?
Boondock Saints

23. What movie do you love but all your friends think is whatevs?

24. If you could hump/date/marry any movie character, who would it be?
Any of Clive Owens Characters...

25. Best...movie....ever?
Gangs of New York

26. Book you wish would be made into a movie, and who would direct it?
The Vampire Lestat
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I got the new Alkaline Trio CD, I am happy!!

My husband is the awesome, well he always has been.
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I spend way too much time worried about what other people want from me than what I need for myself.
I already have this completely stressed life because of my schedule, one that I put on myself but also one that is kind of necessary.
Financial stability is important while also having enough time to think is important as well, and where is the balance of that? When you are in your 30s, married, have bills every month and have more than one person you have to think about, decisions are not simple. There are many factos and variables that have to be considered and its hard either way.
Right now I cannot afford not to work. If I had to work, why not work where I make more money than I would anywhere else with benefits I couldn't get anywhere else? Even if it is hard???

I am going to cut back on work in a few months, but not a ton...one extra day, but is that all I need...an actual day off in a week? Does anyone really realize how much that does for a person until they dont have one??
I work 5 days a week and go to school from 12:30 -8:00pm the other two. So I dont just have one day to myself. One day makes a difference. It used to at my old store when I had people who understood and I could work long hours during the days I was there and just take that extra day when needed..work between classes if need be.

I also have a need for some relaxation, some free time...seeing my friends, having fun, enjoying myself, not being tied to responsibility at least for a few hours...the options I get...oh give that up, forget about it.
Its like punishment for trying to do better... There is a lot of fussing at me lately...telling me what to do and a lot of negative. It hurts my feelings. I feel alienated from the people who used to make me smile.
It sucks.

I almost just want to give up.
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I had to share my baby.
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